Real Life Encounters First Network


Bond Fires: Friends First Network

How to use this friendship first network, Bond Fires:

  1. Login to signup or login, either with the Google Login option or manual register or login
  2. Fill out account settings or go to “MyAccount”
  3. Click “PicsASCII” to generate your ASCII profile from your image or photo
  4. Click “Highlight” and copy the content to your clipboard (Hold [Ctrl]+’C’)
  5. Click on “View Profile” from “MyAccount”
  6. Click the Gear Wheel to edit your profile
  7. Paste the clipboard contents into the ASCII profile [Photo] box (Hold [Ctrl]+’C’)
  8. Fill in the rest of the fields and check boxes for qualifiers.
  9. Don’t forget to save.
  10. * You can search and list members from “Members” by Description and┬áSelecting Qualifiers that match your interests.